Finally a New Year

I’ve been waiting for 2008 since 2006. Hurray! It’s finally here…and I welcomed it with a hangover, a movie and a grilled cheese. Oh well. At least this year I’ve got a great attitude! I seriously have been so excited for this new year, at times my anticipation has even surprised me. I have a lot I am ready to leave behind in 2007 and a lot of stuff I want to make happen in 2008 – one being that I’d love to post each and every day. Let’s see if I can make it through the month of January first before I dream big. Another short month-long goal – no booze for 31 days. I already kinda cheated early this morning, but who’s counting? Er, me, I guess.

Since it’s never too late for a Best of 07 moment, here’s my favorite commercial (and maybe song) of the year. Man, 08 is going to be great.

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