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Goodbye Boots

Someone took my Frye boots from my yoga studio yesterday. Teresa and I took our sweet time after class getting dressed, and by the time we got to the shoe area (everyone takes off their shoes and coats at the door in one little spot) it was clear they were gone. However, there was a pair of the exact same boots, just a size smaller and more beaten in. This morning I was back at the studio, and those boots are still there. So their owner is now somewhere stomping around the city sliding around in my size 10s.

I could have taken the size 9 boots – I even tried them on – but they didn’t fit and besides, that seemed weird to me. So I left a note on the studio bulletin board and talked to the nice woman who works at the front desk. And that was that. Teresa luckily had rain boots and sneakers on her, so I slid into the rubber boots (also a size too small) and she kindly walked home me home so I could give her back her boots and put some new shoes on. The whole situation is of course a little sucky; I liked those boots a lot. But at no moment did I ever feel upset, and this made me really happy. I see a lot of people – especially in NYC and my hometown Wellesley – freak out about the stupidest shit. I’ve seen some intense meltdowns happen when someone cuts the line at the Roche Bros. deli in Wellesley. But after experiencing my mom’s illness and death, this kind of shit barely bothers me. It’s amazing. I mean, yes, I still get pissy when people act like idiots while walking around the city or if there’s no more brown rice veggie sushi rolls left at my Whole Foods; but the urge to freak out over small shit has basically left my body, and I could not be happier. It’s nice to just give in to the ways of the world rather than fight it. So my boots accidentally got taken. So what. They’re just boots. They’re just clutter in my house and apartment. I got a good two years out of them, and I will miss them, especially in the rain. But I’ll be okay, and I could not be happier about it. I’ve long known that many gifts have grown out of my terrible loss – and many more are surely still to come, I hope. And not sweating the small stuff – especially stuff that is out of your control – is one of them.

Thank you Mom.

Look Ma! No Boobs!

This cover of Us Weekly makes me kinda gaggy. Lauren Conrad has dieted her tits off. I mean, yeah, that’s totally something to be proud of, so good for her. But is it healthy? Maybe for anorexics, but for humans? Not to mention LeAnn Rimes’ weight loss strategy, according to the article, is “constantly working out.” Now I’ve seen this chick at Whole Foods recently, and she ain’t lying. She was pumping iron in the check out line, she was so effing skinny. Yeah, I know this kind of bullshit, “get skinny like celebs” stuff isn’t anything new, and nor is my post-feminist outrage.

But still. It’s not getting any better, so I have a right to be annoyed, right? Anyway, my copy of the mag should come tomorrow, and I’ll totally read it on the treadmill at the gym. Constantly.

My Second Resolution for 2008

A few weeks ago I noticed this book for sale at my yoga studio. I was too cheap to buy it, but then I thought about it daily for two weeks and finally caved tonight. I am about to go dig into it now. It’s a goal of mine to slowly replace all the products I use on my body and in my home to natural, non-toxic ones. Because a lot of the crap we use every day is linked to causing cancer, and I don’t think a tumor just popped up randomly in my mom’s pancreas one day. I’d like to educate myself in this area, and this is a small start. And hey, I’m not the only one – I read in Vogue that Kate Hudson is starting some all-natural hair care line because she had some friend with breast cancer and learned about all the bad crap there is in beauty products but couldn’t find hair product that wasn’t chock full o’ cancer causing goodies. We’re just two Kates, makin’ a difference in the world! Our only difference is that she can afford 100 pairs of Tom Ford sunglasses, and I can not. Also, bitch still has her crazy Mom, and I don’t. Also, she’s super hot. Okay, I’ve gotten distracted and now I hate her again.

Anyway, buy this book.

Finally a New Year

I’ve been waiting for 2008 since 2006. Hurray! It’s finally here…and I welcomed it with a hangover, a movie and a grilled cheese. Oh well. At least this year I’ve got a great attitude! I seriously have been so excited for this new year, at times my anticipation has even surprised me. I have a lot I am ready to leave behind in 2007 and a lot of stuff I want to make happen in 2008 – one being that I’d love to post each and every day. Let’s see if I can make it through the month of January first before I dream big. Another short month-long goal – no booze for 31 days. I already kinda cheated early this morning, but who’s counting? Er, me, I guess.

Since it’s never too late for a Best of 07 moment, here’s my favorite commercial (and maybe song) of the year. Man, 08 is going to be great.

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