I cried like 5 times today at work watching this video of Kellie Pickler performing and crying at last night’s Country Music Awards in Nashville. The best part is, it wasn’t a cover up cry for being sad about my mom, it was just a regular old, Kate is super sensitive cry! I haven’t had one of those in so long! It felt good to just cry because I’m a sad nerd. But seriously, try to watch this and not get weepy. I love a dumb underdog, and Kellie’s got fake boobs and the brainpower of a brick. She’s an American Idol finalist, and the song is about her mom who abandoned her when she was little. Kellie’s dad was in jail her whole life and she was raised by her grandmother, who died recently. So at the end, when she’s singing about leaving Carolina to go to Tennessee, it’s extra special because she is on the stage singing in Nashville! everything has come full circle! Fuck her stupid mom! Everybody cry!

1 Response to “Picklered”

  1. 1 Adam R. Fairbairn February 11, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    Dear Kate,

    I’m sorry about your mother and your boots, though not in the same proportions. I do not believe you are supersensitive, somebody would simply have to be devoid of a heart that to be choked up by Kelly’s performance.



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