My Friends are Writers

My friends are on strike – lots of them. They are writers for television shows (like Mad TV, 30 Rock, Human Giant, and The Colbert Report, to name a few) and members of the Writers Guild, which is striking against Hollywood producers who are currently screwing them out of residuals on content they write that is then put on the internet. The writers are also fighting for an increase in the money writers would make off of DVD profits. I’m hopefully summing that up correctly. Anyway, my writer friends are currently without work, without pay and are not allowed to write. They are picketing, and I support them 100% (As should you!). They are extremely hardworking and talented people who deserve to be paid for the work they do – and deserve to get back to their paying jobs as soon as possible.

I’m really proud of them – and not just because I saw many of my best pals on Inside Edition striking alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. Still that was pretty rad.

Even my hero Tina Fey agrees.

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