I Am a Follower

I’ve noticed for a while now, maybe even a few years, that it’s kind of the cool thing to do to wear a rubber band on your wrist. Not a LiveStrong bracelet, mind you, but rather a straight up, use this to hold your takeout food together, rubber band.

It’s mostly guys who do this, but in my head I’ve slowly accumulated names to add to this list. My college friend Jeff. My brother. Kula. My co-worker. They’re all dudes, but I’ve seen girls doing it too. And it often seems to be this hipster-esque trend a la trucker hats. That “Oh I just but this rubber band on my wrist two weeks ago and it’s still here! How casually cool of me!”

I’ve asked around and I am fairly sure that my rubber band-wearing pals’ intentions are innocent. One of them once said to me, when I inquired about their arm candy, “Well, you can always use a rubber band!” They put the thing on their wrist and it stayed. And somewhere along the line, I decided this was cool. So about a month ago, I just started wearing a rubber band. Solely because I like the way it looks. And honestly, I feel a lot cooler when I wear it, like I’m the kind of person who just needed a rubber band so I stuck it on my wrist for future use. Except that….I didn’t. I pondered it for a month. Collected a pile of bands from Whole Foods. And wear one to fit in with the people who don’t care. Now I’ve just written a blog post about it…

I am pretty sure this makes me cool.


1 Response to “I Am a Follower”

  1. 1 Dyna Moe October 5, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    I know that people in AA and NA (and quitting smokers) keep rubber-bands on their wrists and when they feel an urge they’re supposed to snap it hard against their wrists. Maybe you hang out with a lot of recovering users?

    I’ve never noticed this, but for a while I kept a couple safety-pins on the edge of my hoodies for emergencies. I tend to need safety pins more often than rubber bands.

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