Living My Dream

I’m still sucking at updating my blog. There’s no excuse! Expect for therapy, yoga, improv, UCB TourCo, coaching, bachelorette parties, TV, dinner dates, wedding dress shopping and you know, work. Excuses make total sense!

Speaking of, I am doing a weekly episode recap of my favorite show, The Hills, over at my home at the VH1 Blog. It’s essentially a small dream come true to get to discuss Lauren’s puss face for a living. Seriously, who else is watching this mess? How staged is everything Spencer does? How boring has Lauren gotten? How dumb is JustinBobby? And why is pretty, normal Whitney entrenched in it all!? That show amazes me because it is 22 minutes of people staring at each other, sighing and drinking Red Bulls. Yet I am totally hooked, because their lives are so much more glamorous than mine. I can’t fake that kind of style with my lame Old Navy dresses.

You can check out my Recap HERE.


3 Responses to “Living My Dream”

  1. 1 Jeffrey Marx August 23, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    Whitney could turn me straight. She is the bomb dizzle.

  2. 2 Olive Duster August 26, 2007 at 7:15 pm

    Can watching television like this make me dumber? I’ve only watch it once and that night I put my cereal box in the fridge and my milk in the pantry. Coincidence?

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