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Living My Dream

I’m still sucking at updating my blog. There’s no excuse! Expect for therapy, yoga, improv, UCB TourCo, coaching, bachelorette parties, TV, dinner dates, wedding dress shopping and you know, work. Excuses make total sense!

Speaking of, I am doing a weekly episode recap of my favorite show, The Hills, over at my home at the VH1 Blog. It’s essentially a small dream come true to get to discuss Lauren’s puss face for a living. Seriously, who else is watching this mess? How staged is everything Spencer does? How boring has Lauren gotten? How dumb is JustinBobby? And why is pretty, normal Whitney entrenched in it all!? That show amazes me because it is 22 minutes of people staring at each other, sighing and drinking Red Bulls. Yet I am totally hooked, because their lives are so much more glamorous than mine. I can’t fake that kind of style with my lame Old Navy dresses.

You can check out my Recap HERE.

Praying and Crying

In about 2 hours it will be the five month anniversary of my mom’s death. Yes, it’s still very messy for me, and yes, there’s lots of stuff to work through there. I’m trying. But I’m also trying to keep it off this blog. This blog is for Lindsay being crazy, not me. But I would like to honor my mama with something we’d have a nice chuckle over – Oprah being Oprah. This clip of my herO on Larry King Live is totes insane (the gospel singing?), but the most amazing part to me is how Oprah covers up the giant puff bags under her eyes. They are so enormous, always, yet she manages to keep them so well hidden. Her skin cream must be made of diamonds and puppies.

And don’t worry, the title of this post is not in reference to something I do all day long, but to something my friend Oprah says. Obvs.

Anyway – for my mom. And for you, Oprah lovers and haters.

The Truth About Hollywood

You know how they say nothing in Hollywood is permanent and all your dreams and success can come crashing down in one instant?? One minute you have everything and you’re on top of the world and then the next minute….you’re a failure?

Here’s what they’re talking about:

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