Newport Harbor: The Real OC

Here is a trailer for “the new Laguna Beach.” The kids look douchier and more bland, if that is at all possible. There’s not a brunette to be found – probably because they’re all listening to Morrissey records and working at the local Hot Topic.

The whole premise of this franchise is pretty boring and predictable these days, if you ask me. It will probably go something like this: girl clique excludes someone, boy cheats on girl with more popular girl, boys play golf, girls shop, boys skateboard, girls get manicures and drink fat free lattes, boys ask girls to prom in crazy ways (“OMG, there are goldfish in my bathtub!”), boys wear their tuxes with skate shoes, girls’ anorexia goes into full swing to fit into size 2 Catherine Malandrino prom dresses, girl clique excludes someone, girl cheats on boy with more popular boy, graduation, tears, beach bonfire, new season.

Regardless, I will still watch this, because I am a sheep for all MTV reality TV shows.


1 Response to “Newport Harbor: The Real OC”

  1. 1 john August 14, 2007 at 2:22 pm

    the show is lame

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