I’ve Been In Jail/Rehab/Hawaii

Oh sweet blog. I’m sorry to have left Desmond at the top for so long. He’s really not that hot. What was I thinking?!

So if anyone is left out there, I’m sorry I have neglected you. It’s just that I got a REAL JOB. And at this real job I BLOG. For 8 hours a day! ABOUT LINDSAY AND PARIS!

I am living my dream, but my dream makes me tired.

You know, if you invest stocks all day, you don’t trot home, get on your couch, and go online and invest more stocks (do you?). So when I get done with my day, I’m maj (abbreviation of major) fried. Fried on blogging software, fried on Paris, craving fries.

So there you go. I have no energy right now to discuss celebs. Actually – that’s a lie. After today’s debacle, I feel sad for Paris. This is what really did it for me:

I mean, Paris is a total douche, but something about this whole circus seems out of control to me…because she’s lost control of it, I guess. I just don’t get how she was serving 23 days – half her sentence – and now because the sheriff is a tard she has to serve her full sentence of 45 days in jail.

Maybe what gets me most sad is that even if she is a no talent ho-bag, she is a daughter and her parents are distraught and so is she. I mean even with millions of dollars, they’re human. I know my mom (ok, my dad too) would be devastated. So maybe, in some strange way I think of my mom every time I hear about Paris having a meltdown. But don’t worry, I will hate her again soon.

I have to go do all the household chores that I’ve put off all week.
Then I am yoga-ing, Veselka-ing, and drink-ing.

I promise to update more.
Sorry about that fugly Desmond pic.


1 Response to “I’ve Been In Jail/Rehab/Hawaii”

  1. 1 E July 11, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    I have not left a comment in awhile, but I wanted to tell you how great your VH! blog is. What a cool job for a person as cool as you! I wish you continued success! I am so jealous-I knew I would hear more from you in this pop cultured blog world. Meeting the charmschool girls is definitely a sign of arrival! Or atleast in my pathetic world!

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