Have you heard about the new Caveman show based on the Geico commercials? It just got picked up by ABC. The best part of it is, my friend and hilarious NYC comedian, Nick Kroll, is one of the fucking Cavemen. Unreal.

Nick’s also on Best Week Ever a lot, and they did a picture comparison:

Here’s a clip too! This show is going to be better than Lost (Season 1)!


1 Response to “Cro-Mags”

  1. 1 E May 16, 2007 at 9:48 pm

    Okay, so I have never met you or any of your peeps.Yet, years ago I stumbled upon your Kate Likes You blog while trying to find fellow democrats AFTER Satan’s spawn- George W. Bush was elected yet again. Then after laughing aloud while reading your articulate,hilarious, truthfully written blog after blog I felt like a cheer leader watching a bench warmer score a touch down at his senior game. I WANTED you to take over Tina Fey’s job at SNL, but understandably(misspelled?) you had personal obstacles to conquer. NOW, your friends are everywhere from Human Giant (never miss)to adult swim and NOW the guy starring in my family’s improv hour namesake? Geico, caveman commercials are the number one running joke inside my house. It is like the dumb polock jokes of the eighties. When is it going to be your turn? We are patiently waiting!

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