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If You Had To Choose…

Between Jack and Sawyer, wouldn’t you pick Desmond?

Seriously. He’s by far the hottest Lostie, not counting Jacob.

If You’re Looking For Me

You can now find me during the day writing over at I’m blogging about everything pop culturific for the VH1 Blog. This means all Lindsay, all day long!

Check it out. I’ve joined a really cool, really funny group of writers who rock it all day long.
I’m lucky!

Also, I’ve been following the Lindsay drama all weekend and week. I even got to write about it today. What a mess, the poor thing. I do hope she gets better, because unlike Nicole and Paris, she’s got a wee bit of talent. And better, natural hair.


I’d like to propose a crack-headed friendship between coke-snorting, drunk-driving underaged LiLo, and coke-snorting, mushroom eating pothead Mischa Barton.

Between the two of them they could feed a small army…with drugs.


Kate Likes Photoshop



Is it wrong that I desperately want Lindsay Lohan to be called out for the cokehead that she is?

(No, it’s not. It’s okay that I am bitter)

LoHo got in a car accident last night when her Mercedes crashed into the curb while driving. She was cited for a DUI and taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Even better – the cops are saying they found cocaine in the car.

Why is this a happy occasion for me? I’m an awful person, I know, but it’s THRILLING!

Strippers Deserve An Oscar

Oh man.

Last night Anthony and I went out for sushi and then started a boozefest that lasted into the early morning hours. So let’s just say that my mind is foggy and my stance wobbly. Yet while I may have the mental power of a monkey at the moment, I can still identify things that SUCK.

Like the trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s new movie.

After all her bullshit about wanting to be taken seriously as an actress, she’s made a movie that is at best a straight to DVD/Lifetime/The Oxygen Network masterpiece. Please watch the trailer. It is unreal. All I can gather from it is that it’s some dumb B movie thriller than makes no sense mashed together with LoHo stripping, which is always a good thing. She must have been seriously coked up when she decided she liked this script.

Watch it here!

[Forgive all spelling errors. I’m out of it.]

Just In Time For The Cookout

Well I know what this kid is BBQing this Memorial Day:

Click here to read more about this 1000 pound wild boar killed in – where else – ALABAMA!

PhotoShop Of Horrors

Sussy agreed to hang out with me and refresh my brain on PhotoShop.
Look at the magic we made together!



Oh man.

Is anyone else in the world watching The View right now?
Rosie and Elisabeth are…going at it? Slaughtering each other verbally? Scaring me?

It’s really….bad. Major fighting. Swearing. Eek. It’s making me feel really uncomfortable!
Stop Stop Stop Stop!

[Edit: Here’s the clip of the fight. I was hiding and cringing through the whole thing! Blegh. On another note: Elisabeth is crazy but she sure is pretty, isn’t she? Her dress and hair were right on today!]

Shrek’s Competition

It’s kind of hard for the fashion police to arrest someone where they’re wearing handcuffs for earrings.


When is this monster going to go away? She’s not fun to look at like LoHo or super cracked out like Nicole. She’s just a big open-mouthed attention horse.

[Ed. Note: Jessica and John Mayer have broken up! Those earrings must be an attempt to distract us from her tear-swollen eyes!]



Jessica is in Cannes this week promoting some movie she’s in. Unfortunately for us, it’s not her new movie, Blonde Ambition (see video below), which was made for twelve dollars and a bottle of TrimSpa. It looks that amazing. I’ll be there opening night.

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