Oh My God The Bachelor! Week 2

Well, the title of this thread is now officially more exciting than the actual show itself. This week’s Bachelor had all the usual token moments we’ve grown to know and vomit over:
The virgin from Texas
The pushy career woman who’s totally insecure about being a pushy career woman
The fugboat who goes on a one-on-one date with Andy
The reveal of which girls have fake boobs during the run portion of a triathalon competition

Oh Bachelor! How predictable you are.
Anthony was in the living room while I was watching the show this morning and noted that the Bachelor is a little creepy, as all he seems to do is comment on how good the women look in whatever they’re wearing.

But come on, what else is the guy supposed to say? “You’re blond hair really covers up the fact that you have no brain.” Or, “I’ve always wanted to date an Organ Donor Coordinator!
I mean, really. The bikinis are the most substantial part of the whole show.

“Fake boobs on the count of three. One, two, three – FAKE BOOBS!”

[sidenote: I’m in good company – Elisabeth Hasselbeck is on the View dishing on the Bachelor! Elisabeth and I should seriously be BFF. I’d have her into abortions and gun control in no time, and she’d have me in a cute outfit changing diapers. Soulmates.]


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