It’s Not That I WANT To Keep Writing About Laguna Beach…

It’s just that the “stars” of the show keep going out of their way to be massive douchebags.

I’d be perfectly happy if I never wrote about Jason Wahler again, but I have a feeling that that each night he spends licking Jager shots off the plastic breasts of future Flavor of Love contestants, he is aiming to get as fucked up as possible, so that I have NO CHOICE but to include him in between deep discussions of Brittany’s bad weave on America’s Next Top Model and Britney’s bad wig and hat combo at the Laker’s game. To switch topics for a second, BOTH hair-dos are ridiculous.

So what did Jason do this time, you ask? You know just get in a fight/punch a security guard/run away from the hotel fight scene/go back to the hotel fight scene/and then jump on the Hollywood Hate Wagon and drop the N Bomb and F Bomb a few times.

This makes me rethink wanting to see that sex tape of his. What a dirty dirty piece of filth. And with a bad goatee no less! If you suck on the inside, at least try to make the outside pretty, right? It works for Paris, aside from the herpes.

[note – Jason was TRYING to write my name here but was too wasted to figure out how to spell Kate]


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