I’ve been on a little blog break. Not on purpose, I’ve just been in New York for a couple of days and I’ve been busy eating sushi, falling down at Bungalow and shopping for fabulous clothes.
Super fun!

No, actually, I’ve been busy helping out a friend who just had a baby.

Okay. Lying again.
Honestly….I’ve been watching The Hills.

More thoughts to come on this important topic later, but who caught the season finale? What a bunch of bitchy hos! They should just make a show about Whitney.

Here’s some Hills gossip to share while I’m on the bus back to Boston:

Why LC and Heidi hate each other

How Heidi is slowly ruining her career and life


1 Response to “Blogcation”

  1. 1 e April 4, 2007 at 6:33 pm

    LC has changed! I think her AVON deal has gone to her bleached blonde head. Also, Heidi is a dumb bitch and if I were her, I would of dumped that brillo headed s.o.b the minute I watched him ask Audrina out.Oh, and also when he talked shit about me, the countless acts of disrespect, the playmates, when he threw me out of his car,the homeboy phone…Audrina seems kind of normal, but she will just be another of LC’s puppets who gets airtime. Whitney is the real deal and I HOPE she gets her own show. She is so unaffected and DELISLH!

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