A Long Story

I was just googling “polyp pea colon cancer commercial” in response to this comment from the always hilarious Liz, and came across this article on some website called BellaOnline.

The sotry was written by BellaOnline’s “Stomach Issues Editor” Caramy Spencer. SPENCER! She is into yoga and healthy foods and homeopathic medicine, just like me! And she’s kind of cute too:

So, seeing as we’re probably fourth cousins, I clicked on her bio to learn more about my new BFF Caramy. Turns out she’s a Canadian transplant living in Dallas with her hubs and two kids. The best part is that her adorable kids, perhaps unbeknownst to them all, are named after two colleges here in Boston, Bentley and Emerson. Seriously. SO AMAZING and kind of ridiculous.

As far as I can tell from her bio, she has zero attachment to the Boston area, except of course, through me.

I must learn more about my long lost Caramy! Too bad the website that she listed – www.twinkletoesocks.com – doesn’t seem to be up and running yet. Must be all those stomach issues.


1 Response to “A Long Story”

  1. 1 Caramy Spencer March 31, 2007 at 10:59 pm

    Hey there! What a nice little blog you wrote here! I really appreciate the kind words šŸ™‚ I just happened to come across this and I wanted to comment you and tell you how funny it is that you mentioned “Bentley College” and “Emerson College”. Yes, we had NO IDEA about this! It is so funny because I just emailed my mother-in-law and gave her both links to the colleges after reading about the best private universities in the US (financially speaking) and these were two on the list!! I just found out about this a couple of weeks ago. Hey, thanks for reading about my colon polyp pea story, and I think you are kind of cute too!

    Caramy Spencer

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