Can You Hear Me Now?

I’ve been stuck on Verizon for over five years now with good service but shitty phones. I’ve loathed every phone I’ve ever gotten from them, in particular my current mobile chatting device, the demonic Motorola Q. The Q is a mess. I had to buy the extended battery as the one it came with died in hours (the extended isn’t much better). I had to return the first one I bought after a week because it was malfunctioning like mad. When I went into the store about a month after purchasing the second phone to complain about the strange things it was doing – the 2/e button stopped working, for example – the salesperson laughed in my face because of how many complaints they were getting. Then she told me they’d have to reload all the software on my phone, deleting all my contacts, texts, photos, etc. None of this stuff is backed up because Motorola did not make the Q compatible with Macs. The 2/e button is still not working.

Anyway, I am an idiot for buying this piece of shit.

But the rumors are that Verizon is coming out very soon with a sexy Blackberry, complete with camera and GPS system.

I am praying. Hard.


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