Flickr Deletes My Account: This Is All Lindsay Lohan’s Fault

Hi Kate,

Flickr account katelikesyou was deleted by Flickr staff for
violating our Terms of Service and repeated copyright

See our Community Guidelines for more information

– Ana


Now I must rebuild from the ashes of my former Flickr account.
God damnit. Way to ruin every picture ever posted on this blog Flickr! So what if I snuck a couple of shots of Oprah or The View onto my Flickr account? Is that so wrong? Did I make Elisabeth Hasselbeck cry because if it? Argh! How you hurt me!

I know I know – I broke a rule. I posted pics of celebs that I found online and did not take. But you deleted my entire account! Two years of pictures and hardwork! Of organizing! All my contacts! My comments! My favorites! I got one warning about a Britney Spears photo in January that you subsequently took down, and then all of a sudden this week my entire account is deleted WITHOUT WARNING. I want my pictures back Flickr, and my PRO account for which I paid. I will not post any more pictures that aren’t mine. Is that a fair deal? Ever hear of three strikes? No more Nicole or Paris. Now you can breath easy and start banning all the creepy pedophiles and stalkers who use your service and message women like me constantly.

And if you are going to ban ME, why not ban all these other people with Lindsay Lohan pictures? Or how about all these people with Britney Spears photos?

Why are you picking on ME?

But I can’t turn you away, Flickr, for I need you. I can not become one of those annoying people with Shutterfly or Snapfish. I can not. I WILL NOT! God damnit I am so pissed off. Fucking Flickr and their photographic morals. I blame Yahoo.

Also, my response:


I only received one warning about this. Can you please tell me specifically what was in violation? Was it because I uploaded too many pictures of Lindsay Lohan? Will I even be able to have an account with Flickr? I’m upset.

Thank you,
Kate Spencer

I should have added this: PS – My mom just died so you should feel bad for me.


3 Responses to “Flickr Deletes My Account: This Is All Lindsay Lohan’s Fault”

  1. 2 Rachael Mason March 23, 2007 at 2:42 am

    Also, please tell her that your mom just died. Dicks.

  2. 3 e March 23, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    Kate, I feel your pain. Omnimedia just slapped the newspaper I work for with a huge lawsuit. Not the newspaper itself, but our editorial blog. Which solely affects ME. I am extremely careful and gullable me thought youtube was protected. I mean, they have been going forever and watching out takes on CNN, Best Week Ever and many other shows, I thought it was okay for me to share what everyone else is seeing somewheres. Everyone is getting so f—– corporate. Flickr,myspace, and countless other internet entities are being forced to give up what we are entitled to. Sign of the times. The internet could not be cotrolled and like everything else the government cannot control, they are starting with the little people. I was told If I no longer shared pics, I would not get into trouble. I was also told to sign some bullshit piece of paper. What is next?, will they seize my personal laptop? Fuckers.

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