Gawker Doesn’t Think My Friend Is Hot

Gawker hit up the College Humor book release party last night. Sarah Schneider, my lady friend who works for CH, was there cavorting in a tiny pool. Gawker’s coverage of her is funny.

Maybe everyone was on something. Why else were so many people there? It pretty clearly had nothing to do with the book, which was nowhere to be seen. Maybe it was the hot chicks! There were at least three of them cavorting in the pool. Were they hot, though? It was a matter of some debate. One person said the Asian one was the hottest. Another pointed out a teenaged brunette with a truly admirable ass. No one pointed out Sarah Schneider, who was splashing around in an athletic halter bikini as she alternated between trying to dunk her pasty, flabby College Humor colleagues and joining them in an odd kind of dance. You know the dance where you smack an imaginary ass that’s in front of you? That one. She happily got out of the pool and clambered up the stadium-style stone steps to answer some questions about what it’s like to be the only girl at College Humor.

For the record, Sarah is hot in an athletic halter bikini sort of way. Also she has a great ass. I’d show you a picture but Flickr has ruined my life.

Ah wait, got one. She’s the one on the right.


1 Response to “Gawker Doesn’t Think My Friend Is Hot”

  1. 1 chad March 22, 2007 at 6:30 pm

    she is hot.

    I only have one or two sara photos…

    however her self portrait…
    guitar practice


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