My New Best Friend

Sorry other friends. I have a new BFF, her name is Brandi and she left me this super sweet comment on my MySpace:

hey cutie,were you the one sending me the messages asking me about how i make money on the internet? did abby tell you about it or something? i usually try to keep it quiet because i don’t want that many people in on it…well, basically all i do is sit at home and fill out these ridiculously easy surveys on the computer that companies such as best buy, sears, walmart, etc. send me.they want my opinion on lots of things including their customer service, my eating habits, what i plan on purchasing in the 6 months – really easy stuff. the best part about it is that I get paid between $75-$125 PER SURVEY. at one time i was filling them out and I did 2 in an hour and made $218.34. that’s just in an hour, i made more than my mom and dad combined in one hour!what’s funny is that i actually use to work at mcdonalds. waking up for the morning shift is what really made me mad 😦 now i can sleep in until whenever i want, and fill out a few surveys before i go to college. the companies pay me by check every 2 weeks.i just bought this sweet 50″ flat screen tv and most of my friends are starting to think im a drug dealer or something LOL. remember i told you i don’t tell that many people about it? that’s because i think if more people start doing it, i will have less surveys to do, so don’t tell anyone either.what’s funny is that everyone sits on myspace all day and fills out those stupid surveys for free…LOL, while I get paid for doing the same thing! anyway, i hope i have this link right here it is: i hope that is how you do the link part, anyway be sure to go to that site now because they are running some special half price offer for 3 more days only…just copy and paste this into your browser http://www._________

So I wrote Brandi a comment back.

She’s so sweet and so nice to look out for me! I DO need a job. It’s weird though, because I thought Brandi WAS a drug dealer. Hm.


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