My Boys Club

I am the only girl in my family now. This is okay, as I love and adore the menfolk that surround me: dad, brother, and dog. However, I think it is going to be an interesting journey and lead to some bizarro situations. I have drawn this conclusion over the past ten days from a couple of key interactions.

1. Dad to Kate: “You’re just going to have to take a risk!”

My dad has been encouraging me to allow him to escort me to Bloomingdales in search for a black, semi-formal, tea length bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding. Tomorrow is our shopping date at the world’s greatest department store. This is so clearly going to be a disaster, as my dad has no idea how much dresses cost, much less the shoes I need to go with them and the Stila lip gloss I must have, just because.

2. This evening. Family gathered around television eating Indian food, reading three-day back up of New York Times. American Idol is on in the background.

Kate to brother: “Brother, we don’t have to watch American idol, we can watch something that everyone is interested in.”
Brother to Kate and dad: “Well you guys choose something because I don’t care.”
Dad to Kate and brother: “Well how about some sort of basketball show? Everyone here loves basketball!”
Kate to dog: “Not everyone.”

3. College basketball reigns supreme in my house.

I’m all ACC’ed out and now only five days later I have a whole National Tournament to watch?! Ugh. My normally tacit brother became overcome with emotion in the car today. “Oh, for the next four days there’s nothing but straight basketball to watch! FOUR DAYS!!!” He gleefully exclaimed to me. “But what about The Real Housewives of Orange County marathon on Bravo?” I wondered to myself.

Alas, I’m alone now in my lust for trashy TV. If my mom was still around, I might have some pull getting The View, Days Of Our Lives, Dr. Phil and Oprah on, in that order. But, you know…she’s not. So now our remote control might as well have three channels: ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU. I’ve tried to get the guys interested in Spring Training baseball, but I’ve been told, “It doesn’t count.”

I will confess, however, that I was the one who insisted on watching 2 hours of “Bracketology” on ESPN Sunday night.

So, you know, their influence isn’t all that bad. As long as I get my lip gloss.


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