One Week

It’s really nice when friends rally around you when the going gets tough, and mine went above and beyond this weekend.

I spent both Saturday and Sunday afternoons sitting in Annie’s jacuzzi and looking at old pictures from high school. It was relaxing, though troubling to see the outfits I put together by shopping only at J. Crew and the Salvation Army for 4 years. I was as mysterious and conflicted as a poem by Jewel back in the day. I’m much more awesome now that I can only afford to shop at Salvo.

Last night I headed into Somerville (I only got lost once!) to Lizzy’s house for a mini reunion of some of my Bates BFFies, who basically did whatever I wanted; which included eating Thai food, drinking red wine, and then curling up in our pajamas for this vaginal masterpiece:

You’d think a week after losing my mom I’d be blubbering all over my Forever 21 sweat pants, especially at the part where the old people die in each others’ arms, but I shed not one tear! Considering that I put Kleenex out of business for 24 hours after seeing this movie for the first time last year, this is almost definitely some sort of mini coup.

Also, Teresa brought me cupcakes all the way from Brooklyn.


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