Hey Look, Mom Left Us A Note!

Hi Kiddies,

Mommy had to run an errand in Orlando. I’ll be back real soon so no funny business while I’m gone!

Sorry I could not bring you but I hear Space Mountain is closed for repairs, and you know Mommy only goes to Disney World when she can show off on the rides! Besides, when I get back from my trip me and New Daddy will take you anywhere you want.

While I’m gone I need one of you to get some things for me at the grocery store because we’re running low on some stuff:
– Diapers
– And maybe pick yourselves up enough Hot Pockets for a few nights worth of dinner.

Randy – I took your BB gun away as a punishment for…..something. You did something bad. So Mommy has to hold on to your BB gun for now.

Also, Trixie, Mommy borrowed some of your dress up clothes – just the trench coat and the wig! I promise I’ll bring it back when I get home. Or if Mommy gets it dirty, I’ll bring you back a really cool Air Force captain suit.

Love you guys,


PS – Don’t do anything naughty, I try to set a good example for you three, so be on your best behavior!


3 Responses to “Hey Look, Mom Left Us A Note!”

  1. 2 Peter N. February 8, 2007 at 2:40 pm

    And even better the second time around!!!!!

  2. 3 Mike Bishop February 13, 2007 at 4:28 pm

    and I quote…….. “There ain’t no connection between common sense and intelligence.” Courtesy of my high school physical education teacher

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