Photo Phony

I am kind of weird about MySpace invites from people who I do not know. Who are these people, how do they find me and why do they want to be my friend?
I want to accept everyone, and I normally do, aside from the 45 year old divorced Deadheads from Florida with dogs named Bertha and Cassidy.
Yeah, I mostly skip over those. I don’t feel that bad about it, because technically my MySpace is still “personal”, as in I have not yet switched over to having an official MySpace Comedy site. Some day, when I am funnier, I’ll get around to it.

I tend to be most judgmental about people’s MySpace photos. If the photo freaks me out a bit I normally have to ponder whether or not to accept.
For example, I’ve been sitting on these three for a few days:

I sort of feel like I should say no to all of them, right? I mean – a big, bright peace sign? Who the fuck is into peace these days? Is your face that deformed that you could not find ONE good picture out of the four hundred that you took holding your camera up over your head and posing while looking in the mirror all by yourself at 11PM on a Saturday night?

You know, like this:

you are as self-absorbed as I?

I guess not.


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