It’s 5:30 PM. Do You Know Where Your Bloggers Are?

What do you blog about when you don’t feel like blogging?

This is the life question I am puzzling over at the moment. I’ve had all day to think about it. Ive been rising early lately, so I trotted myself to a 9AM yoga class filled with Wellesley-ish women, dropped off dry cleaning, bought groceries, cleaned the kitchen and family room, made Spanish rice and baked pumpkin bread.

Now I am “blogging”.

Here are a couple things.

I am bored with ugly Britney, tacky Jessica, unrehabbed Lindsay, slutty Kirstin, less skinny Nicole and rotting vagina Paris. I’m bored with it! What is wrong with me? It’s just not normal for me. Then again, neither is waking up early and baking.

But, you know, I’m watching an underaged Bride To Be get a bikini wax for her wedding night by her future mother-in-law and future sister-in-law. Thank you MTV. In a world of darkness, you are all things light and good.

Also, did you know Jodi – from numerous Road Rules series featuring her drunken hook ups in cheap JC Penney miniskirts – loves the Lord? It’s true. Praise Jesus – and Coral.


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