Go Pats Part II: I am proud to be a Masshole

Fellow Massholian Jackie Clarke had this little piece of Greater Boston Area genius up on her blog, so I borrowed it to share with you and spread the deep rooted pride I feel for the Commonwealth of the State of Massachusetts.

Is there any question that Massachusetts is a glorious place filled with proud and consciencious residents?

– Citizens who delcare their love for their state at the drop of a Red Sox hat!
– Citizens who have one Sam Adams just to shout out our founding fathers and then follow it up with a half dozen quarts of Miller High Life!
– Fellows who bravely face the icey grasp of New England’s vengeful wintery hands, and rock the long, over the knee jean shorts during football season!
– Patriots, who proudly declare our beautiful states’ motto without fear of retribution: “Go Fuck Yourselves.”
– And gentlemen, who honor the English language as it was spoken when our great great great grandfathers crossed over Plymouth Rock, by still pronouncing the City of Brotherly Love as our heroic forefathers did – Pheeeladelphia.

God Bless The Dynasty, God Bless Massachusetts!

(And get ready for April, MotherFBombs. We’re going DICE-K up on this piece!)


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