Burger Mouth

Look at that mess.

I seriously loathe Britney Spears. It is beyond baffling to me how anyone with millions of dollars and handlers can not get her life together. I even understand that she is young and wants to have fun, but look good while making a mess of yourself! If you are hot in America, you can get away with anything! All other Hollywood starlets are hot, fucked up, and easy to figure out. Just go down the list:

Paris Hilton:
crazy bitchy slut with alleged Herpes case = Hot
Nicole Richie: recovering heroin addict turned anorexic pill popping pothead with poor driving skills = Hot
Lindsay Lohan: smokes all the time, drinks all the time, snorts all time time = Hot

And then there is this mess of tacky 90’s top with seam on the outside, ridiculous glasses, cheap looking Sears jewelry, and crispy hair from too many nights chugging Franzia while dumping bottles of Clairol Nice n’ Easy haiy dye on her head.



1 Response to “Burger Mouth”

  1. 1 Mike Bishop January 21, 2007 at 12:06 am

    Just like some abstract art, some people have no explanation……

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