The Nicest Thing He Has Ever Said

I was on the phone with Boyfriend late last night. As I mentioned in a previous post, it was a shit night, and he was doing his best to be a tender and loving life partner. The thing he said that got my tears rockin’?

“I’m saving all the American Idols on the DVR so we can watch them together.”

One way Anthony and I show our love is by saving our favorite shows to watch together. This is why sometimes we don’t get to Lost until Friday or Saturday – we both have to watch it first, together, at the same time. Most shows come and go from this category – SNL, 24, The Office, 30 Rock, but Lost and American Idol (only the preliminary auditions of horror, Ant bails when the singing improves) have stayed tight in the save spot.

These are different from the shows I MAKE him watch, which include: Rachel Ray, The View, Oprah, Project Runway, Laguna Beach, The Biggest Loser, America’s Next Top Model and Extreme Home Makeover.

He should also be preparing himself for The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Hills, Top Chef, and The White Rapper Show.

Boyfriend has a lot of patience.


2 Responses to “The Nicest Thing He Has Ever Said”

  1. 1 Natasha January 18, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    At least he doesn’t have to watch Days of Our Lives as he works from home and there is no escaping it. Brett many times has mentioned something going on in Days and then said, “I hate myself for knowing that.”

  2. 2 e January 20, 2007 at 8:50 pm

    Oh Yeah- If I may- Kate, let me offer my two cents. My husband and I Have been together twelve years. We went to Columbia University together and married five years later. So, three kids, two careers, and many, many NIGHTS apart ( based soley only on job alternatives) later. There is one and ONLY ONE and G.D. THING that will tear us apart and it is the lonesome viewing of our favorite prime time lives. HE better the hell wait on me for ANY and I mean ANY prime time pop culturedom that he can not comprehend WITHOUT my wisdom, and so HELP ME, IF HE TRIES TO GO THAT ROUTE, HE SHALL DIE. Your mama taught you well, Kate. So on, you taught ANTHONY, you blog GODDESS YOU. I predict a long and lasting relationship.

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