The Wind Beneath My Fat Ass

Today at the hospital I watched my mom give herself a shot of a blood thinning medication in her stomach.


She now has to do it twice a day. This was after another long and emotionally grueling day at my family’s favorite amusement park – Mass General Hospital.

Holy nuts. As if my mom was not already my hero of all heroes, watching her learn how to administer a needle and then nonchalantly pop it into herself really sealed the deal. MY MOM IS GOD(DESS)!!!

Afterward, around dinner time, we had this conversation:

Kate: “Mom, can I write about you giving yourself a shot in my blog”?

God(dess): “Yeah I think you need to keep updating it, so if it is going to help you, sure!”

My mom gives up her medical privacy so I can update my puny blog. Did somebody say “HERO”?


I should mention that I am running my second half marathon (with my amazing friend and mentor Sean!) in honor of my Mama at the end of this month in lovely Miami, Florida. I am still raising money, though this time I have focused on donating what I’ve raised to the HOPES Program at Mass General Hospital, which offers integrative therapy services to patients and families at low or no cost. Things such as: acupuncture, yoga, massage, art therapy, workshops. Things that have truly helped my mom through out her cancer journey. If you are interested in donating or want more information on me, my fund-raising, and HOPES, or to see pictures of me all ugly and sweaty from my last half marathon, visit my website Five dollars means a ton – and it can help more parents get free massages while their children – cancer patients – get radiation.

Just think of all the heroes out there who will benefit.


2 Responses to “The Wind Beneath My Fat Ass”

  1. 1 Samantha January 4, 2007 at 4:02 pm

    Kate, I truly enjoy reading your blog and wish your Mom only the best with her treatment. I did donate to the cause and plan to do so again. Have a wonderful 2007.
    Portsmouth, RI

  2. 2 katespencer January 4, 2007 at 6:18 pm

    Thank you so much Samantha!!!

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