My Fanciest Face

My lovely friend Natasha – redhead, writer, baby momma and all around hot ticket – posted an entry on her blog the other day written solely for ME!  The title of the entry was my name written in exclamation – so not only was it all mine it was all sorts of serious.  And just what was the urgent issue at hand, you ask?

Her celebrity sighting of the actress who plays Carrie on Days of Our Lives.

Now this may not seem like a big deal to some anyone, but spotting a Days Of Our Lives actor in the flesh is my NUMBER ONE celeb spotting fantasy.  First off, I am a HUGE Days fan (as is my homegirl Natasha).  I TiVo and watch it every day, thanks to one sick day long ago in middle school when my mother introduced to me what being an American woman is REALLY about – clothed sex on private jets, sleeping with your sister’s dying husband and being possessed by Satan – every afternoon.

I have seen lots of celebs – I worked in a SoHo store long enough to help a lot of them – and overall, it’s generally a letdown.  They are either extraordinarily creepy, boring as all hell or have rampant acne.  But what is so great about soap actors is, unlike the rest of the famous people out there, you have NO IDEA who they are in real life.  I have watched Days Of Our Lives since I was bursting onto the pubescent scene and these are the only facts I know about the show’s actors:

  • Dr. Marlena Evans is played by Deirdre Hall
  • The actor who plays Victor Kiriakis is Jennifer Aniston’s dad.  I do not know his real name, though I assume it is Aniston.


So what is creepy and also kind of exhilarating, is that if I saw the guy who plays Bo Brady on the street, my brain would probably think it really was Bo, on his way to break into the DiMera mansion for clues about Abe’s blindness.   Or maybe he is just stopping by the jewelry store to pick up a necklace for FancyFace to give to her at dinner later that night at the Brady Pub.

The thought of seeing my Days stars in the flesh thrills me more than a Lindsay Lohan-Nicole Richie-BritBrit Vagina sighting. Because maybe, just maybe,  if I meet them in person they can transport me back to Salem and I can get lost in the magical world of a town with only 4 families and babies that are born in 1994 and return in 2006 as 30 year-old race car drivers.


3 Responses to “My Fanciest Face”

  1. 1 Lauren December 27, 2006 at 11:21 am

    Hi Kate! It’s Lauren Bull. I had to comment on this post because I am just as obsessed with Days. Do you remember the Salem serial killer a few years back? I seriously spent all my free time trying to figure out who it was. And I don’t know what I’d do if I saw a Days star in real life. I’d want to meet Sammi. You should check out this webiste if you haven’t already- it gives great Days background and spoilers.

  2. 2 katespencer December 27, 2006 at 1:22 pm

    Lauren! Hi! OMG we have A LOT to talk about. I’m typing this as I watch Days right now…I am currenty trying to figure out why Mimi is leaving in February (along with Bonnie, Patrick, etc….but NOT Max??)

    I am also desperately rooting for Kristin/Susan to come back. Along with Ivan and Vivian. I miss the Days of the 90s.

  3. 3 natasha December 28, 2006 at 10:12 pm

    I just emailed you this, but I have to tell you because it relates to this entry and you may read it first, I took a self defense class with Lexie!!

    Also, Mimi is leaving in February because she wanted to leave when everyone else was leaving (Philip, Shawn, etc.) and asked to be let out of her contract early. Then when the new head writer came she decided she only wanted a break so she may be back.

    Um, I really do have a life. I swear.

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