Clay’s Faiken

For me, having insomnia just means I have a lot more time to peruse the MySpace pages belonging to crazy-in-love Clay Aiken fans.

Apparently, Clay is the greatest closested gay bestfriend crush EVER.

I really wish for these Claymates that all he wanted was to spoon girls and help them with their Calculus homework and sing little songs in their ears during the commercials of Ugly Betty and eat Sonic with them and then tell them how pretty and skinny they are.

And I am sure he does these things… and then meets up with his hot boy toys and gets lube-tastic.

The Claymates and their Myspace blogs do not care:

…it’s like Clay is speaking directly to us. He HAS given us everything he has, and that’s why this gay bs is so upsetting. I full heartedly believe he isn’t, but who cares?! I’m standing behind him, with not talking about it anymore. If people start making gay remarks, I’m not going to be defensive anymore. It’s what he wants. I will deffend his voice, his causes, everything he stands for, but not that.

I wonder if she will defend him when his cause becomes his right to marry another man.

Here is a prayer for Clay, taken from the above-quoted sweet and clueless Claymate’s MySpace blog:

Sunday, December 24, 2006


End of Tour Prayer for Clay
Category: Religion and Philosophy

As found on CV

Dear God :
I wish to thank you from my heart
For making Clay a special part
Of every moment of every day
What a gift you sent us from above
All wrapped in goodness , grace and love
From many fans , I say on their behalf
Clay gave us such joy and he made us laugh
Clay has the “X-factor , the “IT”
He showcases this with timing and “WIT”
His pipes of perfection are beyond compare
He obliterates our worries , we just don’t care !
Clay makes love to each and every note he sings
Such delight and ecstacy to all of us he brings !
Dear Father in heaven , we will miss him so …..
Please find a way to let him know
We just cannot take another long drought
We NEED to see & hear all he is about !
Clay , we just ask you get some much needed rest
Just blogg now and then ……..we’ll survive the test !
We will always support you , Just hear us pray

Also, God, please don’t let Clay like giving head.



3 Responses to “Clay’s Faiken”

  1. 2 natasha December 26, 2006 at 2:44 pm

    Do you even realize that he’s going to be on Days Of Our Lives this week??? Do you even realize it??

  2. 3 katespencer December 26, 2006 at 9:42 pm

    YES! I have been watching it. It’s the perfect culmination to the retardation that is Patch and Kayla’s reunited and re-remembered love.

    PS – Mimi and Max? HOTT!

    Lonely Splicer

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