Mommy Dearest

Britney Spears is one crazy ho. Didn’t she just pop a baby out of her stomach scar like 3 months ago? Doesn’t it need her tobacco flavored milk in order to live and grow into a tank top wearing backup dancer? I just don’t get it. She came out all hot and classy on Letterman, divorced her trash barrel of a husband and had everything, especially the custody battle lined up to go down perfectly. Then she picked up a skanky best friend, a coke addiction, a bag of dresses from Fashion Bug and her trusty pack of Marlboro Lights and now she is a crazy slut doing stripteases and drinking coke and champagne.

All she had to do was clean up, lay low for a little while and pose with her babies. It’s too easy! You have your whole life to go clubbing – just like you had your whole life to get married and knocked up.

Live and learn Brittles, and seriously get a fucking stylist.


1 Response to “Mommy Dearest”

  1. 1 E December 20, 2006 at 9:10 pm

    Really! It just goes to show how narciscistic this redneck ho really is.It doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure out a single mother of two very small children( one isn’t even three months old yet) could stage a more welcomed comeback posing with her babies than posing with Paris, LiLo, stripper poles and frontal bits. She must of chomped off her acrylics reading tabloids during her pregnancys. I hope this media buzz backfires in her neglectful, immature, way past her prime, acne ridden, air-brushed fat face! Props to the real mothers out there! E-

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