Pill Poppin’ Pill Pill Poppin’

I have a special place in my heart (the place is about 1 millimeter big, natch) for my girl Nicole Richie. She won her spot when I stopped being jealous of her new hot bod and began feeling horrified as soon as she crossed below the 100 pounds mark. From that rexie moment on she’s been my (tiny lap) dawg.

My lil’ CrazyTowns was arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles this morning – with no booze in her system! Alas her fuck-me-ups of choice are Vicodin and pot. The cops also revealed that she clocked in at 5 feet 1 inch and 85 pounds.

Anthony and I watched the documentary Thin on HBO last night which chronicles the lives of 4 women at an Eating Disorder In-Patient Facility. Most of them, at their worst, weighed the same as our friend Nicole.

I haven’t weighed 85 pounds since the 3rd grade.

My poor little precious.

I am hoping for some sort of rehab announcement by the end of this week. She is a bony mess, and if she goes, LindsAAy LohAAn won’t be far behind.


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