Meet my newest, most favoritest MySpace friend:

It is Frances Bean Cobain, whose birth I can remember and who is now a super cool 14 year old typin’ up slang on her MySpace blog from the confines of her Beverly Hills bedroom. I wish I was not 27 so it would be normal for me to think she is cool.

Because look:

I mean is that not the most cutest dress ever? And FB is not anorexic! I can’t see the lines of her organs through her clothes! She looks her age and seems normal! Her make up is fresh and natural! Her hair is shiny! She puts cute outfits together! She rocks the Marc Jacobs!

I am so over your crazy ass, Lindsay Lohan. FBC is where it’s at! I am just hoping and praying that she doesn’t fall off course somewhere and become one of these:

Not to change subjects here, but WTF?

If Paris is supposed to be in charge of rehabilitating Britney’s image, she’s started off doing a crappy job. I just don’t understand people with millions dressing like unwiped assholes. I am pretty sure I look better in head to toe Old Navy than Britney does in this clothing concoction clearly whipped together by a homeless blind man. Who she then boned to make Kevin jealous.


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