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Anthony and I looked at Cute Overload for way too long tonight. And he bought me popsicles!

My flu is cured!


Hey, I have the flu. Here I am making out with a can of Chicken Noodle Soup that Anthony bought me this morning. I just ate it. I don’t eat meat but I eat chicken noodle soup when I am sick. Sorry birds. That’s just how it goes.

My fever reached 101.5 earlier today and a few minutes ago it rang it at 100.9. That’s pretty high! I’m delirious and loopy because my head is throbbing and my knees, legs and back ache like crazy. Who knew that would happen? They feel really weird and it prevents me from sleeping.

I am waiting for Anthoy to come home and bring me another bottle of Ginger Ale and some Gatorade. I have chills and then I have the sweats. I go back and forth between the two. Fun!


Absolutely Nothing

The pictures in this photo essay made me really sad.

“Relatives of Army Cpl. Carl W. Johnson II watch as his coffin is taken for burial at Arlington National Cemetery.”

Weekend Cancer

Morgan is continuing to post videos about his cancer and treatment.  This one made me laugh really hard.  I hope millions of people sees his videos – they are amazing and courageous and brave and all that good stuff, but also plain hilarious.

Gothamist Maps

Gothamist comes through to give my anxiety that extra boost.  Crime!

Liveblogging Teresa photographing me

Friday October 27, 2006 at 7:01 pm
Teresa is photographing me RIGHT NOW!

My double chin is smiling!

Why Carson Daly

I feel a little guilty about my Carson Daly video, because as the comments on it have pointed out, it is “funny!” but also, “MEAN”.

So I wikied Carson, only to find out – he is a CANCER CRUSADER! Carson lost his dad to cancer and his mom is a breast cancer survivor and together they are CANCER ACTIVISTS!  I’m a HUGE asshole!

But wait! Before I give in to my guilt, let me remind myself and explain to all of you why Carson deserves to be belittled. Amazing cancer activism aside (THANK YOU CARSON), my insomnia has led me to watch his talk show while in my bedroom in Boston where I do not have cable, and let me say this: Last Call with Carson Daly is HORRIFIC. Not only does he deliver his monologue like a doctor relaying horrible news to a patient’s family, he did a bit called “Shout Outs”, where he shouted out, among other completely boring and irrelevant things, HIS TIVO.

Yes, in a joke that probably aired on a billion other talk shows and was performed in a billion other stand up routines in mother-effing 2002, Carson Daly shouted out his TiVo for suggesting a Matt Damon movie after he recorded a different film starring Will Hunting.

TiVo jokes are not funny anymore. They are not pop-culturally relevant. They are dated and dumb and it was NOT FUNNY. NOT FUNNY CARSON! And why are you SO SKINNY? Why did you leave TRL?!?! WHY CARSON!?!

I sat there at 2 AM in my bed steaming. And then, to make it worse, he shouted out Pink Is The New Blog in an awkward attempt to get his show some gossip blog cred and screen time. Here’s a clip of it that I found on YouTube:

So….that should explain things.

A Message to You

Read me.


I love Massachusetts politics.

I have since I was a kid, and in high school I interned at the State House for a State Representative from my town (A Republican! But he was Pro-Choice, so that cancels out my shame, right?).

Currently my beloved Commonwealth has a heated gubernatorial race going down, with a White Lady Republican, a Black Man Democrat, a Butch-ish Lady from the Green-Rainbow Party, and Christy Mihos – the INDEPENDENT.

Check out my friend Christy’s Boston accent! He should have offered workshops to the cast of The Departed.  All the other candidates sound like neutered Brown-educated robots, but not my Christy!  Also he’s insane – check out his infamous campaign ad that is running in Massachusetts:


Hey blog, you are very therapeutic. I like that you are new and fresh! Just wanted to let you know.

So, Morgan, an improviser here in NYC, has cancer – Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He is documenting his experiences online, and I’ve posted his second video below. How cool and bold is that! The best part, his videos are funny, which makes me happy because not everything about cancer is sadness and tears (only like 98 %). My mom and I had a good laugh once when she tried on wigs and concluded she looked like Maude.

It sounds like Morgan’s treatment should get rid of all the bad stuff, but send him your prayers and love and good thoughts.

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